Should you consult psychics when making decisions?


To this question my answer is no. Consulting psychics is more a form of entertainment than it is a tool for decision making.

Our futures are continually changing based on what actions we take here and now. Therefore no one can predict our exact future though they may be able to see one possible path.

From here and now we can create our life the way we want to. We are not doomed to expereince something in our future that we do not choose to.Every minute and every second in the now we are creating our futures.

By going to a psychic we can either become over confident that things will surely work out and we become lazy. Or we can go into such a state of panick that we won’t be able to make any decisions or we end up making a decision that was not necessarily the best decision for us.

Another side effect is we would become so busy trying to make sense of the piece of information we received from the psychic that we can become overly sensitive to little things that happen in our lives. “She said I will have an accident. I better not go to work today” or “She said I will meet a handsome stranger at a bar. Let me go to the bar every night this week”. We start living our lives around the so called prohecies and not let life flow naturally where it should.

So if you are consulting a psychic treat it as entertainment and never ask them what action you should take to achieve x y z. Instead use your logic and objective thinking when making life decisions.

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Focusing the mind

In the newage communities people are encouraged to use their mind to imagine things and open their minds up to receiving messages from other beings.

I feel that this is very dangerous. When we let our imagination run wild, our minds become clouded. It is hard to look at any situation objectively when our minds are hazy and not clear. Inviting other being to interefere with our thoughts should not be recommened as we do not know what type of being will communicate with us. They may not have our best interest at heart.

The best thing we can do to improve our mind is train our minds to be one pointed through a meditation practice.  When our minds are trained through meditation they become clear, sharp and free of excessive thoughts. From this state we can make mindful decisions and do what we need to do with a greater focus.

Instead of difussing our minds by aimlessly thinking excessively about everthing, we can learn to reduce our thoughts. Through this we can learnt to be more present and live in the here and now.

Many times what makes us suffer is thinking about what we don’t have or longing for things we can’t have. So by reducing our thoughts we can become detached from such negative thoughts.

To become more spiritual we must detach from the process of needless thinking as much as possible. This will help us live a peaceful and satisfactory life.

Focusing the mind to a one point can be achived by practicing breathing meditation regularly.Through this practice we can have minds that are crisp, sharp and capable of grasping things more quickly.
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Misconceptions about the Law of Attraction


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img_2224When I was going through a difficult time (a heart break) in my life I started diving into the world of spirituality. It was an escape as well as an attempt to find answers to life. First I came across newage concepts like “Law of Attraction” and “your mind creates your reality” when I was looking through books on the subject of spirituality.

At the beginning they seemed to have some bases as when I was down more negative things seemed to happen in my life.  But the more time I spent looking in to these concepts  the more I realised how misguiding they are, especially the way they are sold to people by the newage communities.

I want to focus on Law of Attraction and some misguided thoughts about this concept in this post.

Law of attraction basically says that we attract what we think and what our vibration is at any given time. It is in a nutshell “like attracts like”.

It is true that our thoughts about something creates our perceived reality of that thing. For example we may be stuck in very bad traffic and we will be very late to a doctor’s appointment. While being stuck in traffic we can choose to think how negative this situation is or we can choose to focus on what we can do to remedy the situation like calling in and asking for a new appointment. The later will obviously help us create a reality that is a solution to our problem. So as you can see it was not necessarily that you can think good thoughts and make the traffic disappear. But rather by being positive you found a workable solution to the problem you are in.

With that said, I want to focus on some misconceptions about the law of attraction. Just because we dream of owning a nice shiny sports car it will not appear in our garage. A lot of newage people sell the idea of “law of attraction’ as though things just magically appear in your life because you keep thinking about a certain thing. Also, there is the belief that if things aren’t manifesting in your life you are not holding a high enough vibration. These beliefs are misguided.

When a person decides single mindedly that they want to own a certain brand of a sports car, all of their attention would be on this idea. They will start noticing similar cars in their environment as their thoughts are focused on this brand of cars. They can then choose to do some research on how much they need in order to purchase this car. In doing so they will realise they need to save a certain amount of money each month to purchase that car within two years. So they can then make a savings plan and after two years of constant focus on their goal and saving a bit each month they would be able to own the car they wanted.

So as you can see, it requires work from our part to make things happen in our lives. “Law of Attraction” works to the point where, what we focus on seems to grow, only because we notice more of the things we are thinking about. Our minds process information in our surroundings based on what we are thinking. Therefore if we focus on one particular subject we will notices more things related to that in our environment.

One more point to show that law of attraction doesn’t work as it is sold is, think of the people who die of natural disasters. I am sure they didn’t spend their time thinking that they would be killed by a hurricane and attracted this tragedy to them selves.

To get what we want we have to be single minded about our goals which will help us notice things in our lives that will help us achieve our goals.

So by focussing your thoughts on a particular object but not taking the correct action you will not get what you want. It is by taking the right actions and with persistence that you will achieve anything in life.

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Becoming satisfied with life


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~Understanding the impermanace in life will help us become satisfied with our circumstances~

Life is colored by both ups and downs. Nothing is constant. In fact the only constant in life is change.

We come into life as a baby and since day one our bodies are in a constant state of change. If we look at our breath it is never in one state. Every in breath is followed by an out breath.

This is the nature of this existence. Nothing remains constant. Wanting things to remain the same is being resistant to what is. Accepting the change in life and not becoming attached to the idea that things should always be the way they are can help us move through life with ease.

Many times life becomes diffcult when we get attached and accoustom to things. For example we have just bought a shiny new car and we feel on top of the world. Then a drunk driver who is behind the wheels crash in to your car thats parked on the road side. This sudden change in your circumstances can bring you great suffering. But by telling our selves that everything in life is impermanant  and subject to sudden changes can help us navigate this sitution much more smoothly.We can learn to detach from the negative emotions and do what needs to be done in a practical way.

Our lives are coloured by both hapiness and unsatisfactoriness. One state cannot exist with out the other. Remembering that any unsatisfactoriness you feel will pass with time is a good way to navigate this path we are all on.

Learning to not cling to anything in life too stronly and embracing change that happens in life, we can learn to live a satisfactory life.

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Reason for our life circumstances


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~We are in full control~

Some of us are born to privileged circumstances while others are born to troublesome or mediocre circumstances.

Why is this?!  Why have we been born into the family and circumstances that we have been born into? Is it our fate or is it something else?

Some traditions say that we chose our lives before we came into this existence. Some say we have been put in this body for us to learn certain lessons.

In this post I want to share my perspective on this  topic which is influenced by my Buddhist upbringing.

It is said in Buddhism that everything in existence is here because of a cause. Nothing can exist without a cause. This is known as the law of cause and effect which is further explained by the concept of dependent origination.

So what does this mean? Well it means that we are here in the family that we are born into and in the circumstances we are in is due to some causes or actions we did in a previous incarnation.

You may ask the question how do we know we had a previous life and whether reincarnation is real. To this my answer is I don’t know whether it is real. To me the idea that we come back in a different form makes sense just from my observation of the nature around me. For instance, if we look at rain, once it lands on the earth, the heat makes it evaporate and it turns back into clouds. It then comes back to earth as rain. The cycle continues. Similarly, when our bodies decompose, it seems fair (at least to me) to think that we come back in a different form. Also, there are accounts of people who remember their past lives if you believe such stories.

So to continue, the conditions to which we come back is dependent on the law of cause and effect.  when we do any action we give rise to a cause and this cause will inevitably will have an effect. We may experience these effects in the same life time. But some effects may take longer to ripen and will come to expression in a different life time.

When we come to our current birth we bring with us the Karma or the results of our past deeds into this incarnation. Based on our Karma or causes we created, we will attract parents and life circumstances that are most conducive to expressing results of our Karma.

Therefore it is due to our own actions in our previous lives, that we are in the circumstances we are currently in. Not only that, we are also constantly in the process of creating new Karma in this life time. This means that our present actions will give rise to the effects we will experience later in this life time and the next.

So the point to take home is that according to the concept of Karma we are in full control of the life circumstances we attract as our own actions is the result of our circumstances. This means that if we want to attract good life circumstances not only in this life but the next, we must perform good deeds from the three avenues of Karma. The three avenues of Karma include thoughts, words and actions.

As for the Karma we have already set in motion, we can minimise the effects of these by becoming more mindful of our current actions. And we can choose to create positive Karma from now and forward.

Therefore, no matter what our circumstances are, we can learn to think pleasant thoughts, speak pleasant words and do good deeds and we can create good Karma for our future.

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Cultivating self love through Metta


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img_2217 ~Self acceptance is the first step~

Metta meditation also known as loving kindness meditation is a practice widely followed by the Buddhists around the world. Metta in Sanskrit means friendliness or wishing well towards others.

This meditation focuses on sending Metta towards one self and then towards others. This is considered a very important practice as it helps people cultivate love and kindness towards once self. It is used as an antidote to low self esteem and lack of self love which is very common among people today.

Many of us would have developed lack of self love in our childhood due to certain family and societal conditioning. We learn to put our selves down before someone else does as this would make it less  painful. Similarly, we learn to disregard our needs as expressing our needs was not acceptable in the society we grew up in.

In Buddhism we do not blame our parents or our society as they were just acting from their own conditioned states. Instead we learn to show kindness towards our selves as well as all others. Further to that, Buddhism emphasize that hatred does not bring anyone peace and only kindness will bring peace. Therefore Metta meditation is a key practice used for cultivating kindness.

Below is my version of Metta meditation. I practice this at least once a day to cultivate kindness towards myself as well as all other beings. At the begging showing Metta towards one self will feel uncomfortable and your body will resist it. Acknowledge this resistance and let it pass and continue on with the practice.

Recite the following in your mind.

Metta for oneself

May I be happy

May I be healthy

May I be at peace

May I be free of suffering

May I be free of anger

May I be free of regret and worry

May I attain the ultimate bliss of Nibbana (Enlightenment)

Metta for others

My parents, siblings, children, friends, neighbors, colleagues, country men, all beings in this world and all the beings in this universe: (Take time to name specific names if you wish)

May they all be happy

May they all be healthy

May they all be at peace

May they all be free of suffering

May they all be free of anger

May they all be free of regret and worry

May they all attain the ultimate bliss of Nibbana

From doing this practice, overtime we develop confidence and learn to accept our selves the way we are. We also learn to let go of the guilt we feel when we are wishing well towards our selves or following our happiness.

Similarly, we will cultivate kindness towards everyone around us. This helps us feel a sense of belonging to our community. This practice also helps us  let go of negative emotions like jealousy, envy, fear, worry and doubt we may harbor towards others.

From prolonged practice of Metta we can achieve a calm and stable mind free of negative emotions.

Thank you for reading


The three avenues of Karma


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img_0571 ~ Karma Starts as a Thought~

We all would have heard the word Karma at one point or another.  But what does it actually mean?  People often use it to mean ‘what goes around comes around’. To an extent it does mean that. But it means a lot more.

Karma is a word used in Sanskrit to describe actions and effects of our actions. In Buddhism we speak of three avenues in which we can do Karma or actions in. These are our mind, body and speech. The actions of all three of these avenues set in motion the causes for what we will experience in the future.

For example having a negative thought about someone may lead us to say something negative to that person. This then may cause that person to call out abuse toward us and maybe even become physically violent. So the Karma that started in our thoughts in this case gave rise to negative consequences.

Similarly if we feel kindness towards someone and we help this person out with their work for example, we would have created positive Karma. As a result we would have developed a good relationship with this person. This person in the future may return the favour in some way. In this situation we would have created positive Karma.

So it is very important for us to be aware of the Karma we do through the three avenues of mind, body and speech. The karma we do with our mind is the most important form of Karma as every action starts with a thought.

The Karma that starts in the mind usually ends with speech or physical Karma. So it is important to keep our thoughts in check through paying mindful attention to the thoughts that arise within us. If the thoughts that arise are negative we must not act upon them.

We can acknowledge the negative thoughts that come up in our minds and let them pass without acting upon them.  This ability to  watch the thoughts without reacting to them is cultivated through regular meditation practice.

Focusing just on the breath for a few minutes each day can help us  become more aware of what we are thinking. If the thought we are thinking  is positive and will create positive Karma we can choose to act on it, if however it is a negative thought we can just observe it and let it go.

So by becoming disciplined about the actions we take and thoughts we think we can avoid creating negative Karma for our future selves.

Hope you enjoyed the read

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What is my life’s purpose


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“Everything is permanently impermanent” ~ Bante Gunaratana

In each of our lives, we at one time or another will ask the question “What is the purpose of my life? What am I meant to do or what am I meant to achieve”. I know I was contemplating these questions many times.

People often consult counselors, astrologers, psychics or gurus trying to find an answer to this very question. Many carry the belief that our lives have been predestined and therefore there is something very specific we should be doing with our lives. The belief is that there is  a predefined purpose to why we are here.

As I got deeper and deeper in to this question I realised that there is no specific purpose in the material sense for any of us. We can choose to do what we please with our lives as we have free will. Our purpose is to achieve whatever goals we set for ourselves. There is no real god defined life path for us, rather it is what we choose to achieve with our lives.

I feel our actual life purpose is to be content and satisfied with life. The ability always be content with life is not something possible for an average human being. No matter what we do or achieve we will feel a sense of dissatisfaction, boredom or sadness sooner or later.

I feel that finding the way to be content regardless of our external circumstance is our purpose in life. And this is what Buddha and many other spiritual leaders achieved. Buddha is special in the sense that he was living a life of a prince with all material comforts yet he was not satisfied. So he left all his worldly pleasures and set out to find the true happiness and the way to overcome suffering in life. Through years of learning, contemplating and meditating he reached the state of Buddhahood. He realised the temporary nature of this world and was able to let go of the attachment to it.

As Buddha realised, our true life purpose is to live life while not letting external circumstances affect our inner happiness. Being able to have inner satisfaction and  contentment regardless of what happens in the outer world is our true life purpose.

One method that is suggested in Buddhism to get in to the path of happiness and contentment is to meditate. Through meditation we learn to keep our minds clean and away from negative thoughts. Also it helps to focus away from the external world and pay attention to what is happening within us.

I hope you enjoyed the read.


Next big illness


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img_0609      “Mind is at our disposal, we are not at mind’s disposal”

We live in a time where many of us spend most of our free time glued to our phones, tablets or laptops. We feel the need to constantly engage our minds. It has become a survival need almost akin to breathing for some.

In a time where information is so accessible we can have the entire world in front of us with just a few clicks. Having so much knowledge so freely available to us can seem like such a luxury. But is it really? We may know what a person on the other side of the world have for breakfast but not know the name of the person next door to us. But this is only a one part of the problem.

The real problem is that people have become addicted to information. They cannot keep their minds idle for just a few seconds. The mind is calling out for the next hit of information. We cannot sit and have our breakfast without checking our phones at the same time. The mind needs to be engaged not on what we are actually doing but on getting its  next fix of information.

This is the disease of our generation. It is not a disease of the physical body that generations prior to us had to go through. It is a disease of the mind. We are constantly left feeling unsatisfied and the only way to satiate this feeling is to expose our mind to new information. Not only  have our brains become extremely fast at processing information it is fed,but we also constantly need to change what we feed it at a much faster rate.

In the past people may contract certain bugs through their environment or from people they interact with. But now we have a different way of contracting diseases or should I say diseases of the mind. A young person being exposed to the wrong ideology and belief systems could very quickly get on the wrong path and be very easily recruited into terrorist or extremist groups. Not only that the over stimulated mind can worsen problems like psychosis and neurosis.

This is a problem we will have to face sooner rather than later. The disease that the next generation will most likely have to find a cure for is insanity of the mind.

This is why we have to introduce practices like meditation to the next generation. In order to have healthy, functioning people in the future generations this is a must. Shutting off our minds at least for a few moments a day can help reduce the overload on the mind which could lead to mental illnesses.

Realizing that the mind is merely a part of our body’s just like our ears or noses which we can choose to entertain through music and nice smells at limited times of the day, we need to treat our mind just as another organ that we have available to us which we need not entertain all the time. Currently we have become slaves to our mind and we do what it says. But we are in fact the owners of our minds and we should decide when it is to be used.

Mind is at our disposal and not the other way around. This is something we need to retrain our self’s to believe. We are blessed to be able to have so much information at our finger tips, but not all information is in fact accurate and our minds don’t need to be constantly fed with information.

I hope you enjoyed the read.