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Astrology is something that was practiced in many ancient cultures and still very heavily used in places like India today. Not only India even many people in the west consult astrologer though it has not become part of the main stream culture yet.

Based on the time and the place someone is born at, the position of planets at that moment are recorded in a birth chart. From this the astrologers are able to tell the characteristics of this person. Then by looking at the movement of the planets they can predict future events.

From my experience of astrology, it is to some extent can describe your personality and tendencies quiet well. Specially if you go beyond the sun sign and look at your asendant and where all the planets sit in the birth chart, you can tell a fair bit about a person’s tendencies. 

At different points in your life you will experience the effects of different planets based on their transits and how it affects your natal chart. My most obvious example is going through sade sati. This is when Saturn the planet of hardship crosses your natal moon which represents your mind. This was the worst time of my life when I lost many things,went into depression,attracted many negative influences in to my life and basically went through alot of things that one has to experience during a sade sati. Of course I am only realising this hindsight.

Astrology is real to an extent as everything in existence has an energy and a vibration. This means that we are all constantly being influenced and affected by things around us at a physical and mental level.

In the period of good planetary transits we will do very well and in bad ones we will have to learn many hard lessons. So the way to overcome the influences of these planetary bodies is to become present to now through meditation. The planetry influences affect our mind the most so it’s important to detach from our thoughts as much as possible during bad planetary periods.

I found that spending time in meditation,in nature and by the ocean are good ways to connect more with our inner being so that we are less affected by the physical things around us. Rather than being subjected to different energy cycles and becoming puppets we can learn to be more conscious and not become too affected. This is specially important during stressful planetry periods.

As much as possible we must transendant the influence of the external on our mental state and become more in touch with our inner being.

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