~Emotional wounds may feel excruiating, but can be healed  with the right actions~

There are two types of people in this world. The ones who are very confortable being on this earth and know how to use their surroundings to help them heal from emotional trauma. And there are others who live in a rich inner world they have created for them selves and are not aware of their own emotions.

The first group would have had emotional support from the people around them growing up. When they asked for attention they got it. The other group may not have had all their emotional needs met as the elders in their lives were too busy or did not know how to give emotional support.

The first group can turn to others to help them heal emotional wounds and they bounce back quite quickly. The other group however don’t understand their emotions so they withdraw more into them selves and the healing will take much longer.

This post is mainly  for those who belong to the second group.

1. Talk about your situation to a counscellor/ friend

If you are hurting or feeling down, talk about your situation with a counscellor or a trusted friend. Tell them the events that happened in the recent past in detail so they understand your situation. If you are carrying emotional wounds from your childhood you may think your pain is coming from those past memories. So its important to focus on the recent incidents that brought you pain. Your counscellor/ friend can help you identify the source of your pain.
2. Avoid making decisions or  trying to predict the future

This is not the time to make decisions about relocating or changing careers. This is a time to heal. So focus all your attention on healing. This is also not the time to start making future plans. This is the time to regain your health and do the tasks at hand to the best of your ability.  Also you might become tempted to know your future and seek occult artists who will try to predict your future. Stay away from them as they will put false hope into your mind.

3. Let go of the notion that  it was your fault

Sometimes we can blame ourselves for what has happened because we are hard on our selves. We need to understand that there were two parties involved and both are responsible. It is important to let go of any guilt you carry around. Things happen for a reason and we have to learn the lesson and move on. It is a good idea to write down the lessons you learned so you can use these lessons in the future.

4. Socialise

It is a very difficult to socialise when we are emotionally down. But it a very important part of healing. Going out with friends and spending time with family is very helpful when healing from emotional trauma. You can start seeing new people too so you can get to learn about different types of people while you are still single. But be prudent not to become too involved. Just treat it as a learning experience.

5. Spend time in the nature

Nature has a way of healing us like nothing else. We are supported by nature in everyway, not just our physical needs. Going to the beach will cleanse your mind of negative thoughts and body of negative emotions. Also going to the park or a hike will help you regain the life force energy that has depleted in you.

6. Be creative

When we are creating we move away from our heads and into our hearts. Being creative is an excellent way to overcome emotional trauma. You can try painting, gardening, playing a musical instrument, dancing or writing. Doing something that gets your creative juices flowing can be very healing.
7. Do the cliched things

The things you are told to do when you are going through a heart break can sound like cliches. But they can help you immensely. Listening to songs that describe your emotions at the beggining when you are grieving and then listening to ‘pick me up’ ,’up beat’ songs can help us come out of the low feelings we are feeling. And treating ourselves to some guilty pleasures like choclate or ice cream (not too much) can also help. And watching our favourite movie can also help. We can put all our attention to it and try to pick up things we haven’t noticed before.
8. Start working on your body

This a good time to exercise to increase endorphanes in your system. We can take this opportunity to make a fitness and diet plan to achive our fitness goals. You will kill two birds with one stone. You will feel better and you will have that ripped body you always wanted. This will also improve your confidence and you will attract people to you as a result.

Start learning something new

This is the perfect time to learn something new. There is no one that is pining for your attention. So take this opportunity to learn a new skill like cooking, pottery or cycling. You can throw all your energy and attention into your new project.

Join a club

Joining a club can help us feel belong to a community of kindred spirits. As social creatures we need to feel belong. Being part of a club can help us make new friends and even find the one. Either way spending time with like minded souls can help us reduce our stress.

I hope this is useful to someone out there.

Thanks for reading!