~Life is in a state of continues change based on the actions taken in the now~

Some of us may consult psychic readers in difficult times in our lives.We seek comfort and reassurance from the words of a reader. The questions we may ask include, will I find my dream job or will I find the love of my life? Or what is my life purpose?

The psychic will tell us what they see based on what actions we have taken up untill now. But the truth is our future is continually changing. Every action we take in the now causes our future to change. This means a psychic reading about the future becomes redundant very quickly.

Here are  9 reasons why going to a psychic may not be worth your time:

1. Takes you away from the present moment awareness.

After a psychic reading we may falsly belive that we know our future. This causes us to loose the present moment awareness leading to loss of concentration on what we have to do now. We may become inactive and complacent as we have the idea that our future is already set in stone. The lack of action from our part will lead to us not ahieving the goals we have for our selves.

2. Creates fear

When we get a negative reading we can become fearful and feel that we are destined for doom. This cannot be more further from the truth. Our future is continually changing and based on the actions you take now, we create our own future. 

3. Leads to wrong actions

Based on a reading we get we may end up taking the wrong actions. A psychic may say you are suppose to do so and so and you take that to heart and end up taking a wrong action. This may cause you suffering and may cause you to start your life from zero again.

4. Takes away the  ablility to think clearly

When we fill our minds with preconceived notions about where our life is heading, we are no longer able to think clearly. Our minds become clouded and we are no longer able to take actions based on rational thinking. The more we rely on psychics the more we feel like we are on a drug.

5.Impatience, panic and neverouness kick in

When we think we know what is going to happen to us we become impatient if the outcome is a positive one. Similarly if we got a bad reading we become nervouss and panicky. In both these states we are not able to live in the now and take the necessary actions to create a better future.

6. Causes one to try to create the future based on a reading

Based on the reading we got we may start taking actions that make the so called prophecy come to pass. Everything we do , we try to align it with what we expect to happen. This means that our minds become so narrow and we no longer see other opportunities that may come our way. We no longer see what is taking place around us and become withdrawn from the world around us.
7. Leads one to take action to try to bypass negative events in the future

We may have gotton a negative reading. So now everything we do, we try to keep our selves away from this impending doom. We may stop going to certain places, stop seeing certain people or just become extremely paranoid about everything.

8. Loose alot of money

These readings don’t come cheap. Many charging around $60 for an one hour for a reading. If one becomes addicted to such readings they can loose thousands of dollars a year. By going to a reading, we are literaly paying someone to confuse us.

9. Start to look for signs in the environment

Many psychics tell us to look for the signs from the universe. This make people think there is someone who is leaving around clues for you to help solve the puzzle of your life. This can cause people to imagine things and develop psychosis type qualities where they feel someone is always watching. 
10. Become addicted

Psychic readings can be very addictive. Specially when we go to a psychic who shows so much care the way they speak to us. Just remember that they are just doing a job. They might be a genuinely caring person. But it doesn’t meaning their reading will help you in any way. Overtime we starting going to a psychics for smallest of decisions like should I travel this weekend or should i wear this outfit to my friends wedding. This may sound funny. But this is the extent of how bad the psychic readings can get.

We must never confuse psychic readings as spiritual advice. It is just a form of occults used to see into peoples future. Knowing your future will not help you in anyway. The future is cotinually changing and every action we take in the now will change the cause of our lives. The very essence of spirituality is to live in the present moment. This is what Buddha and in modern day teachers like Eckart Tolle have said.

Psychic reading should be treated as a form of entertainment more than a tool to help us make decisions in life.

Thanks for reading