In life we have to go through many difficult situations. Heart breaks,loss of loved ones and other sudden changes that happen in our lives. In these difficult times some may turn to god and spirituality. Some may turn to worldly pleasures like drugs, sex, alchol, food and other forms of addictions.

Pursuing spirituality to some extent can help the person realise that everthing in life is temporary and  that negative will turn to positive. We can rely on our inner strength when everthing in the external world seems to fall apart. As helpful as it maybe, some people can become addicted to spirituality and start to think nothing in life really matters because we will all die one day. This kind of thinking is not partucularly useful when living in this physical world.

In the material sense we can start over-indulging in food, drugs and alcohol which will lead to health problems. Over eating will lead to obesity, drugs will lead to psychosis and anxiety and alchol will lead to rashes and liver related problems. So these forms of coping mechanisms can become detrimental.

The trick is for us to try to lead a balanced life style. Eat three meals a day, exercise and get enough sleep. In addition talk to a friend, family or a counscellor about the trama you are going through. It is important to develop a mind set that what ever happened is not your fault and it is just an experience you have to go through.

One of the things that i found to help me tremendously is to get out in nature. We are all part of nature and when we get amongst it we feel belong. The plants, animals and the ocean are more connected with that universal energy which we are often less connected to. We are often consumed by our thoughts and therefore less aware of that universal energy within us. When we are hurting , going into the nature will make us feel supported by everything around us. This is far more beneficial than sitting in our room thinking about what ifs and only ifs. In some cultures earth is known as the earth mother. Because we are always supported by it. Being closer to her can help us heal from our heart breakers quicker.You will forget your worries and that tight feeling you feel around your heart centre will start to ease.

So next time you are down or upset go to the beach, park or the zoo. You will feel instantly good and renewed.