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Picture: https://pixabay.com/en/aggression-attack-oppression-bully-705678/
Bullying can come in many forms.It can be physical , verbal, direct and indirect.
Bullies tend to pick on those that pose a threat to them or those that seem vulnerable and that they can easily put down.

The people that often pose a threat to bullies are those that are more intelligent, skilled and well liked than themselves. They are the ones that others specially new employees turn to for help. Bullies find this extremely threatening to their position. They will put these people down out of jealousy and to make them look less valueble. They believe that this will make themselves appear more sucessful.

The other group that gets bullied is those that appear vulnerable, new to their roles, a minority, female and those that are unlikely to report them. These are the people who are very passive, shy and usually have low self worth although they are extremely good at what they do. Bullying these people give the bully instant gratification that they are some how better.

The direct form of bullying involve criticising the victim’s work even if it is up to standard, physical violence and making condecending comments about the victim. Indirect form of bulling may involve making passing comments in a negative way about the victim’s personal qualities, what they wear, their ethnic background and their gender specially if the victim is a female.If the victim is a self confident person they maybe able to brush these comments aside easily. But if it is someone who is young and new who hasn’t realized their own self worth will easily think that they are not good enough. 

This kind of bullying can lead to people becoming very depressed and paranoid that everyone around them hold the same opinion about them. This can be very expensive to the victim as often they will need to seek the help of councellors and psychatrists to recover from the emotional and mental trauma.

No matter where you are if someone makes negative and condecending comments about you, exclude you from groups, use  a aggressive tone with you, give you intimidating side glances and humiliates you, know that these are all forms of bullying. This is nothing to do with what you have done or who you are, this is about the bully trying to raise their sense of self worth by putting you down. To them this is easier than working hard or developing better technical and people skill which they tend to lack.

Many times the victims of bullying tend to be high achievers who are extremely critical of themselves and usually may not be very well understood by others. They may hold beliefs that they are never good enough, they don’t belong here or they deserve the criticism they receive.These people will suffer in silence, develop depression and may even go as far as suicide.

If anyone is experiencing this, first know that this is a problem on their part and not yours. Any normal and healthy human being will not inflict pain upon their fellow humans. Infact the most sucessful people are the ones who work collabaratively with others and know how to capitalise on the different skill sets of others and praise and reward them where needed.To them every person is valueble as they bring a different set of skills.

If  you are a victim of bullying talk to someone you trust, ask to be moved away from the bully and learn to value your self for who you are and don’t let negative comments affect you. If the bullying becomes persistent write everything down and inform leaders in your organisation or school. The best revenge is to keep going dispite the bullying and give them more to be worry about.

~Libragirl5 ~