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There are many ideologies about who and what we are in today’s world. Some say we were created and others say we are the creator.So which position do we truly hold?

We are both and neither.This world is a system which operates on some natual laws and based on these laws,beings come into existence and then they die and decompose. The  laws include such laws as the law of cause and effect and many others which are beyond the comprehention of the human intellect.We are part of this self regulating system.We without having the knowledge consciously and unconsiouly participate in the perpatuation of what is in existence. This is because we are part of this interconnected system.Many things are programmed into us by nature and we are merely following the program. Can we stop the attraction between males and females and physical urges that over take them when at height of passion?This my friends is the nature of the existence we are a part of.

So holding on to the idea that we are the creator does not serve us any good as this implies we have created everything in existence and we created the laws of existence. Silimarly, saying that we were created by a creator also does not serve a purpose as this brings with it the question, who created the creator.

As humans, answers to such questions about the creation of this universe is beyond our comprehention. That is why the Buddha advised human beings to address their immediate problem which is human suffering and leave questions about the origins of the universe aside.  As we are part of the system we do not have a high enough perspective to understand the existence as it truly operates.

As humans we must be humble enough to understand that the workings of this universe is beyond our comprehension. We are just part of the existence and as such we are subjected to the laws of what is. We are neither created nor the creator. We are but a part of this interconnected existence.!

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