To this question my answer is no. Consulting psychics is more a form of entertainment than it is a tool for decision making.

Our futures are continually changing based on what actions we take here and now. Therefore no one can predict our exact future though they may be able to see one possible path.

From here and now we can create our life the way we want to. We are not doomed to expereince something in our future that we do not choose to.Every minute and every second in the now we are creating our futures.

By going to a psychic we can either become over confident that things will surely work out and we become lazy. Or we can go into such a state of panick that we won’t be able to make any decisions or we end up making a decision that was not necessarily the best decision for us.

Another side effect is we would become so busy trying to make sense of the piece of information we received from the psychic that we can become overly sensitive to little things that happen in our lives. “She said I will have an accident. I better not go to work today” or “She said I will meet a handsome stranger at a bar. Let me go to the bar every night this week”. We start living our lives around the so called prohecies and not let life flow naturally where it should.

So if you are consulting a psychic treat it as entertainment and never ask them what action you should take to achieve x y z. Instead use your logic and objective thinking when making life decisions.

Hope you enjoyed the read.