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“The Buddha’s message was simple yet profound. Neither a life of self- indulgence, nor one of self-mortification can bring happiness. Only a middle path, avoiding these two extremes, leads to peace of mind, wisdom, and complete liberation from the dissatisfactions of life.” ~Bhante Gunaratana (from “Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness”)

Following a middle path is something that is highly recommended to people by the Buddha or the enlightened one. It is about not over doing anything or not under doing anything.
For example Buddha decided to not eat while he was meditating as he thought that this will help him detach from his body easier. But he made no progress in his spiritual journey by doing this. Its only after starting to eat and following a middle path that he had the necessary strength to achieve enlightenment.

Many people in today’s world develop addictions because they over do things in order to fill a hole within them selves. When we go through a break up, loose a loved one or become unemployed, many people turn to food, alchol, drugs, psychics and other forms of distractions and start over doing them. Over time it becomes a normal part of their lives and they spend valuable time and money on their addictions.

Once we get into such an addiction it is hard to get out of it. So no matter what our circumstances are we must always strive to follow a middle path in life. If you find that you are spending many hours on an activity and neglect all other aspects of life, try to distribute your time between different activities. Try to live a balanced life.

Another thing to note is that we have to balance our life between our wordly pursuits and our spiritual goals. Incorparating a meditation practice into our lives in between all our worldly responsibilities is a good way to connect with our inner being in this busy world.

So to end, following a middle path we can have a satisfactory and peaceful life.
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